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Craft Beer Bar

Located on Philipsburg's famous Boardwalk with stunning views of Great Bay Beach, our craft beer flagship bar is the ideal spot for a St. Maarten afternoon. Whether you're a beer lover or prefer cocktails, we have a range of options to suit your taste.


Our Craft Beer & Cocktail Bar

Our craft beer flagship bar is located on Philipsburg’s famed Boardwalk. The “Dutch Blonde Beach Bar” is named after our most well known craft beer, and offers an array of lunch opportunities and entertainment. With an elevated view of Great Bay beach, the beach Philipsburg is located along, and only 5 to 10 minutes walk from the AC Wathey Cruise pier, it allows for a great St Maarten afternoon.  If you are not much of a beer person – do not despair, as we provide a great variety of cocktails also!


Whether you are visiting from a St Maarten / St Martin hotel or Royal Caribbean or Carnival cruise, in all occasions you see our landmark windmill towering over the boardwalk. In the back of our restaurant serving the best pancakes on island, you find our four Escape Rooms, to further spend a great day in Philipsburg.


Opening times: Monday to Sunday 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM


Come, see, taste and experience for yourself!

Drink Menu

Life is better
at Dutch Blonde Beach Bar


Dutch Blonde | 3

San Martin Premium | 3

SXM Light | 3

Pirate's Edition IPA | 4



Pina Colada | 8

BBC | 8

Daiquiri | 8

Mudslide | 8

Banana Slide | 8

Mojito | 8

Margarita | 8


Naughty Blonde | 7

Rum Punch | 8

Mojito | 8

Margarita | 8

Sex on the Beach | 8

Pain Killer | 8

Cuban Daiquiri | 8

Blue Monday | 8


Moscow Mule | 9

Cosmo | 9

Bloody Mary | 9

Espresso Martini | 9

Dirty Martini | 9

Patron Margarita | 10

Long Island Iced Tea | 11


Coke | Diet Coke | Ting

Ginger Ale | Tonic

Club Soda | Ginger Beer


White: Pinot Grigio | Sauvignon

Blanc | Chardonnay | 7

Red: Pinot Noir | Carbenet

Sauvignon | Merlot | 7



Orange Juice

Pineapple juice

Cranberry Juice

Fruit Punch

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